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Waking up from the surgery was just weird. Even though it must have been sometime in the early afternoon, it felt like night. The recovery ward was dim, curtains pulled around me on three sides, and there was a woman … Continue reading

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The Day I Played a Patient on “ER”

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder for almost exactly two months. Guess what? I have *SO* not wanted to think about this. More than I realized. But two months is enough, and I’ve been feeling really great … Continue reading

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One Last Look

I’m kind of wondering how long I’ll drag this out before I get to the traumatic part. I mean that medically, the acute bleeding, coding part. It’s coming soon! I promise! Bleah. Anyway. The plan became one more ultrasound, then … Continue reading

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“More Options”

This may be difficult for some people to read. It’s about religion and the A word. But it’s an integral part of what happened to me, I can’t ignore it. I had chosen a hospital and OB practice that had midwives … Continue reading

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From Bedrest to Stuck in Bed

My second night in the hospital I bled again, which meant that things were getting worse instead of staying stable. The situation was complicated by two things: the fact that I was in a Catholic hospital, and the fact that the … Continue reading

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One Day on Bedrest

The ultrasound the next morning was sort of what I would have expected, if I had expected anything. The hear rate was right on target, and the little critter was wiggly. The doc and tech thought they saw tons of … Continue reading

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The Start

My husband and I had been in the car for a while, after dinner out, so I had been sitting quietly for a few hours. It was January; it was cold and dark and icy when we got home. I … Continue reading

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