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Imperfect Update

So, yeah, the little guy is 3 months old now, and really, it’s much easier to live my life and get things done than it was even a couple of weeks ago. This “settled baby” thing is actually happening, albeit … Continue reading

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Still Writing

I’m not sure why, other than the insane adjustment to having a new baby in the house, I haven’t posted more since his birth. I have a bunch of drafts waiting, started while I was pregnant. This blog was never … Continue reading

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July Surprise

Well. I was just getting to a place where I could write more about this pregnancy–and I have a lot to say. As my OB said, my body remembers pregnancy as a bad thing. So of course it was hard … Continue reading

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The wild lilies are back! Carpets of them in between the trees, coming up through all the dead leaves and pine needles, the bare dirt, the grass, and even in a pile of dirt that was dug up and tumbled … Continue reading

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Analogy Project: Stuck in Traffic

For us, infertility treatment (or more generally, MY LIFE) was like being stuck in traffic. Do something, wait, do something else. Inch forward. Get a few car lengths further. Wait. Inch forward. Wait. Let someone pull in in front of … Continue reading

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Waking up from the surgery was just weird. Even though it must have been sometime in the early afternoon, it felt like night. The recovery ward was dim, curtains pulled around me on three sides, and there was a woman … Continue reading

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In a Bubble

I’ve been in IF limbo for the past two months or so. We’ve been waiting. And it’s been really nice. I’ve been happier (most of the time) than I have in probably years. Maybe since I fell in love with … Continue reading

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